A Birthday Story: Confetti
A Birthday Story: Confetti

A Birthday Story: Confetti

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Finally, a scrapbook that you can actually complete! It's scrapbooking made easy! 

Like most parents, I take endless pictures of my babes, especially on the holidays. But what do we do with those pictures? 

That’s where my unique scrapbooks come in. These super cute memory books are meant to capture ONE event through the years. That way you can still have tangible memories of the days that mattered most WITHOUT the hard work. For example, the Halloween scrapbook is meant to capture how your little one celebrated Halloween through the years. There is room for pictures and five simple questions to answer about their day. And that’s it! The book is put away until the following year. At the end of 10-15 years, you have a family heirloom to cherish forever.

Our Books Are:
Simple and classy
Easy to fill-in/complete
Premium linen wrapped hard covers
Combination Finish; debossed with real foil
Easily add or remove pages
Professionally drilled and scored pages

Our Books Are NOT:
Too baby or too kiddy
Overly sophisticated or lacking in color
Overly scripted

Book Features:
32 full color pages on 100# finch cover stock 
Pen test swatch
9" x 12" 
Premium linen wrap throughout
Bound with Chicago screws 

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