Viking Sword · Red
Viking Sword · Red

Viking Sword · Red

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The Viking Series has its roots in Danish Jutland in the year 800, where the most famous Nordic Viking chief, Harald, lived. Harald was not just a feared warrior who protected his clan, he was also an experienced sailor who travelled far and wide. He brought huge treasures home as well as stories about foreign people whose ability to fight would make every Viking laugh out loud. Harald’s raids made the world live in fear of the Vikings and his legacy lives on today. Now you get to follow in his footsteps.

3 years+ - Toys for active and pretend play 

Danish design

It is important for Liontouch that their designs are beautiful and authentic, so that the transition from reality to imagination is as smooth as possible. They are particularly fond of designs that are based on a historical tradition.

Sustainable quality

Liontouch only want to make products of the highest quality - toys should be able to withstand being played with for as long as the owner desires. In this way, Liontouch hope to reduce the need to buy new ones, and thus make a small contribution to a more sustainable consumer culture

Safety first

If safety is not guaranteed, they will not make the product. Liontouch has been tested against both European and American safety standards, so children can play with confidence. Liontouch stand behind the safety of the products we make.

Is it safe to play with swords? Liontouch is created based on a passion for fencing. They believe that it is completely natural for children to play with swords, and therefore they want to provide safe swords that meet all the rules of the game and do not have plastic reinforcements inside that can potentially wear down the foam and poke through.