About Cheeky Baby

In our home, we draw inspiration from our three children Ayden, Gillian, & Caleb. Each of them brings us joy in their own unique way, as well as sweet and funny memories that we’ll hold onto for a lifetime.

Mary holds up a garment for a mom and baby

Some of my fondest memories of my children are when they were just babies. I loved how the simplest of things could make them laugh and smile, how they found comfort in my arms, or how they didn’t ask for anything except to be loved. For me, the best part of each day came in the evenings when I was able to simply sit and hold my children before bed. There is something amazing in those moments when you're able to really connect with your child. If you're like me, you pray that time would pause, just for a bit, so that you can hold on to it for a little longer before putting them to bed.

My hope is to provide each of our customers with the perfect nursery to bring their perfect baby home to, so that you can make your own memories like I had in ours. I pray you have the opportunity to hold your child the same way I did and, for a second, feel time stand still. Those moments are true gifts from God, and should be cherished.

We get asked all the time, "Why Cheeky Baby?" Well, the first time I met my children, I couldn't stop staring at them, especially their cheeks! There is something about little baby cheeks that beg you to squeeze them. If you're lucky, you may just get a cheeky little smile! The joy that comes from that face is something every parent knows, how could we name the store after anything else?