Puj Nubs- White
Puj Nubs- White

Puj Nubs- White

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These colorful hooks feature a soft, grippy tip, making hanging household accessories easy and fun! With pickup this easy, you won't be the only one picking up the house...your kids will want to help! The soft material is playful and fun for any child. No installation required--just peel and stick!

All of the Puj products are designed to hang up out of your way. So I wanted to come up with a hook that was fun and playful but at the core had brilliant functionality. The Puj Nub is made from a grippy material that's slightly flexible with a solid inner core you can easily hang towels, brooms, hats, and bags. The flexibility is the secret to its strength. When a kid pulls on a towel that's hanging from a Nub, the hook just bends rather than breaks like a plastic hook would. And because it's a kid friendly hook you can hang it at their height so they can hang their own towel. Our peel and stick adhesive is extremely strong and can hold a large number of items all over the house. It's an all around fabulous experience with the Puj Nub.

You will find yourself walking around the house thinking, "where else can I use this thing!"

  • Peel and stick for easy installation
  • Soft and flexible material makes hanging easy
  • Holds up to 3 lbs
  • Adheres best to smooth surfaces (tile, glass, mirrors, etc...)
  • Perfect for hanging towels and clothes