The Amicus Book of Colors Board book
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The Amicus Book of Colors Board book

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Striking collage-style art made from maps and marbled papers illustrates an artist interpretation of colors in this sturdy board book for toddlers.
Author/illustrator Isobel Lundie uses rich textures to illustrate countable groups of objects including 4 hot air balloons, 6 bees, and 9 cars. Each page highlights the numbers in the corner and spells it out in the text, giving young ones easy counting practice.
Perfect for toddler and preschool rooms at childcare facilities or to read at home, the books in The Amicus Book of… series are beautiful books to share with little ones just beginning to recognize early basic concepts of letters, counting, colors, and animals.
Product Details:
  • Graphics: Full-color illustrations
  • Board Book
  • Number of pages: 10
  • Made in United States of America

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