The Banana Hat
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The Banana Hat

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The Banana looks as sweet as it tastes. In our house, we go through bananas like monkeys. Our boys go to meal has always involved bananas. In our family “NANA” isn’t just our grandma, but something that tastes delicious.

Care and Cleaning : 
Do not get leather wet
Spot clean
Air dry


Fabric :

60% cotton 40% polyester
White hat and yellow bananas
Black brim and plastic strap
Black leather patch


 All hats are snapbacks and adjustable in size. However, if you want the perfect fit, measure the circumference of your child’s head, starting from above the ear. Make sure the measuring tape grazes the forehead, where you want the hat brim to sit.

Small (S/M): 49-51cm    6M- 2T
Medium (M/L): 52-54cm   2T-5T